How to Adjust Car Amp for Best Sound?

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Traveling without a good sound system in the car can be very discomforting. Most times you just want to enjoy good music while on the go and the absence of a car amplifier can be pretty discouraging.

How to adjust car amp for best sound
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Car amplifiers help in producing the best sound from the audio system in the car.

When you buy a car amp and install it without getting the desired audio quality, you might think that you have been swindled. However, the issue here is pretty simple and it’s mostly because you do not know how to adjust the amp for good sound.

This article will enlighten you on how to adjust vehicle amp for the best sound whenever you acquire a new vehicle amp. The process is not as difficult as you assume, so relax and read the steps you need to adjust your vehicle amplifier for enhanced audio.

Switch off everything in the vehicle amplifier and disconnect all the wires connected to the vehicle amp especially the RCA wires. After this, switch on the stereo system.

At this time, if there is no sound coming from the vehicle amp, you can increase the volume of the stereo to the highest point. Please note down the figure showing on the head unit.  

At this point, you should be aware of the highest volume of your amp, lower it to 80%, and set the stereo’s equalizer settings to “Flat”. In the amplifier, set the Gain and Bass Boost to zero, and place the crossover filters to full.

Put all the RCA cables into the speaker slots that you want to adjust. You can now turn on the music you want to listen to and gradually turn up the gain until you hear distortion in the speakers.

Peradventure you hear distortion, you can reduce the gain control until you don’t hear it anymore distortion. You will make the current base gain the point of placing all your frequencies at the vehicle amp.

This will produce nice tunes that you will enjoy anytime you are driving your vehicle.

The next step is to turn on the crossovers and filters back after the base gain settings. When adjusting sub-woofers, you can select the low-pass filter (LPF) and utilize the high-pass filter (HPF) for remaining speakers.

However, when you don’t have subwoofers in your system you can ignore this process and allow crossover and the high-pass filter to be in full. When you are changing the sub-woofers, find out its highest rating and ensure that the frequency dial tally with it.

Also, when you are changing the speaker system, check the lowest frequency rating and ensure that the frequency setting matches the rating.

If the stereo volume is very high and you need to reduce it because you are not a fan of loud music, all you have to do is to reduce the bass boost setting of your vehicle amp.

To achieve this without any distortion on the speakers, you need to adjust the bass boost and the gain simultaneously until the desired audio is achieved.

After setting up the frequencies and bass boost, check the gain of your radio and increase the loudness to 80.

You can put back the vehicle amps when you are adjusting the amps differently and reduce the stereo’s volume to the lowest point.

Additionally, you can increase the sound to 80% if there’s no distortion and all adjustments are done properly.

In case you still hear any distortion from the speakers while carrying out these tests, you have to identify the speaker that it is coming from and reduce the volume until you fix it.

Finally, the maximum volume of the stereo should not go beyond 80% as sustained maximum volume arrangement will cause wear and tear to the speakers and may also cause damage to the eardrums.

Due to the fact that different genres of music require different amplifier settings, you need to find the right setting and adjust the vehicle amps accordingly to avoid distortion.

How to adjust car amp for best sound
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Operationalization of Vehicle Amps lexicons

If you are reading about how to adjust vehicle amps, there are some words you will come across which might hinder your understanding of this article. So, it is wise for you to be acquainted with these words. I decided to break these words down so that you can comprehend this article.

Some of these words include:


It is the part of the amps that helps in regulating the sensitivity of the vehicle amps. What this means is that it controls the energy emanating from the vehicle amps to the required amount, so that the speakers will be able to control the energy.

Put in other words, the gain is that part of the vehicle amps that you use to turn down the distortion coming from the speakers.

Frequency: it is a field that houses the audio that comes from the speakers. Knowing the frequency of your speakers is not a difficult task as they are conspicuously indicated at the front of the speakers.

In case the frequency is not indicated there, you should check the rear of each of the speakers.

These frequency figures are very important due to the fact they are required to change the amplifier adequately.

Low-pass/High-pass Filters

They are permanent features of the frequency which when it is on either the highest or the lowest frequencies travel across the output jacks.

When you have limited speakers in your vehicle, for you to control high frequencies, you have to on the HPF at the linked receiving end.

Furthermore, when you have average speakers on your vehicle, adjust the filters to full which makes the receiving ends to produce different kinds of frequencies. 

Top-quality vehicle amps in the market     

Your audio system will not produce a good sound even after an upgrade if it is not a top-quality amp.

You have to get the finest amplifiers in the market if you want to get the soothing audio pleasure you desire from the car.

This article will help you to identify the finest vehicle amps in the market and the criteria for identifying them in the market.

Ways to Identify the Finest Vehicle Amps

Budget: The unrivaled amplifiers are not expensive if you have to put them side by side with the best vehicle sound systems in the shops.

They do not cost more than $100 in the shops, however, your budget will determine the kind of amplifiers you will buy.

The number of channels: when you are assembling a vehicle audio system, buying the best vehicle amplifier is always difficult and can cause you a few problems if you are not careful about it.

How many channels the amps possess is a critical aspect of the amps you have to consider. That is, the number of outputs that the amps are going to energize. Some of these channels are stated below to help you in making your choice:

Video: How to Tune Car Amplifier for best sound

This video explains how you can tune your car amp to achieve the best sound.

Mono: it energizes a subwoofer.

With this kind of channel, your speakers will be on however, they will not have any more energy from the vehicle amps in your vehicle.

2-channel: this kind of channel is most appropriate used to energize subwoofer and two speakers.

4-channel: it is appropriate for energizing your sub and also double speakers.

However, you might intend to energize other speakers at a later date, you have to lessen the vehicle amps in order for it to energize a sub and two speakers.

The improved version can be installed later.

Impedance: impedance is a very essential factor to consider when selecting the vehicle amp to put the subs or the speakers.

When you want to change the inbuilt unit, endeavor to locate a sub that contains a speakers-level insert.

Installation: it is always a challenge to insert vehicle amps, so it is very important for you to get someone that has experience in inserting it.

However, if you want to put the vehicle amps speakers and subwoofers on your own, I advise you to study the process stated in this article, that is if you are not too busy for such a task.            

Top Quality Car Amps

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D is among the top-quality car amplifiers as a result of the system it employs and strong working circuit topology.

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D amplifier possesses a 500 W mono system which works perfectly with 2 ohms impedance.

It has an in-built punch bass option and a slight working bass level control that can help you to twist the lower end depending on your state of mind for that particular drive.

It comes with a phase switch that alters to 180 degrees involving a degree of inputs and quick output. It also possesses a capacity to provide a moderate thermal sensitive energy with a heat sink that is produced with cast aluminum that last long.

It also has four-gauge energy and ground connector.

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D has an in-built special feature known as MOSFET which helps to change and improve the signal of the audio systems and standard of audios in your car.

It comes with a 12 months warranty which shows that the standard of Rockford Fosgate R500X1D. It is a strong car amplifier that lasts for a long period of time.

Buy this Rockford Fosgate R500X1D on Amazon

Kenwood KAC-M1804

Kenwood KAC-M1804 is the type of car amplifier that possesses four layers which provide great music in your car. As a result of its advanced parts, it is among the sort after car amps in the market for your car audio components.

It gives access to 45 watts RMS in each of the four layers as a result of the 4 ohms impedance, that is, two times higher than the other car amps. The way this car amp is built makes it possible to be installed in any car not minding the small room available.

It is built with a case that prevents water from entering the power system which makes it possible for you to deploy it anywhere you are without destroying the power area with any substance.

It also comes with MOSFET that guides against any form of threat to the power system.

Buy this Kenwood KAC-M1804 4-Channel Amp on Amazon

Boss AR1500M

Boss AR1500M is among the top finest car amplifiers in the market due to its outstanding features. It comes with 2 ohms smallest impedance that comfortably passes energy to sub-woofer and speakers.

Boss AR1500M has a mono amp which is in a category of A/B amplifiers that produce distinct audios. It has an inbuilt double low and high scales of inputs that produce distinct audio quality like other types of amps.

AR1500M also has MOSFET which increases and changes communication which is superior to FET that normally consumes high power for it to work properly.

This feature makes it more suitable for car audio components. AR1500M possesses subwoofer control that can change the bass boost which is an improvement.

Buy this BOSS Audio AR1500M Car Amp on Amazon


Pyle PLMRMP3B is cost-effective quality car amps that are suitable for you when want to have a good time hearing the best audio while driving your cars and the same time not putting a hole in your pocket.

Pyle PLMRMP3B provides different kinds of digital goods that is very cheap in the market. It has an in-built 10A fuse with 4 ohms impedance which produces good indicator and controller.   

The amp comes with an RCA adaptor, line input and quick output that can be changed and it produces different sounds if it is used in a vehicle or ship.

Pyle PLMRMP3B brings out sharp audio and an item that protects the amps from destruction. Another feature of this car amps is that it has a layer separation with 65 decibels and a powerful device that makes it arrive at the highest audio quality.

It has an electronic crossover and an energy protection network.    

Buy this Pyle Hydra Marine (PLMRMP3B) Amp on Amazon

Pioneer GM-D8601

Pioneer GM-D8601 is among the most sort after car amps in the market as a result of the straightforward mono input and special tool that manage the wired bass boost.

It is made of 1600 watts in order to produce adequate audio energy. The changeable bass manager helps you to produce audio output that you want.

Pioneer GM-D8601 ’s efficient body size and limited decorative pattern ensure that the amps can be used in any car not minding the size of the car. It also means that the car size is not a factor in using the pioneer amps.

Pioneer amp is made of the most advanced amplifier circuit protection which secures the audio components, averts circuit malfunctioning. It also ensures that the amps respond to temperature increases in the car amp and helps in controlling the signal level.

The amp is produced with different kinds of low-pass filters which ensures that the frequency of the audio system is controlled in terms with the subwoofer arrangement and your audio preferences.

Pioneer GM-D8601 changes in different hertz ranging 40 to 240 Hz. It is very costly when you put it side by side with the different kinds of car amps explained in this article.

Buy this Pioneer GM-D8601 Car Amp on Amazon

However, the money spent on the amp is worth it due to the efficient sound production in the vehicle.

We hope you find this article useful in your quest to adjust your car amp for the best sound.

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